‘Red Dead Online’ gets a 32-player battle royale mode


There are more updates in the pipeline as a result of feedback, particularly to address griefing. It’ll be easier to activate the Parley system so that you can get away from troublemakers, and player blips will appear at shorter distances so that trolls can’t hunt you down quite so easily. The bounty system will change to reduce griefing by boosting the incentives to quickly pay off bounties. Rockstar is also exploring the possibility of singling out griefers by color-coding people who kill without warning and making them visible at ever-increasing ranges.

Combine these with new daily challenges and it’s evident that Rockstar wants to keep Red Dead Online as relevant as possible. It’s really not surprising. GTA Online has been a massive financial success for the company years after its debut, and there’s no question that it would like similar results for Red Dead.

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